The Powerful Effect of Combining Turmeric with BioPerine®

Turmeric is an Asian based plant. From its root, the turmeric powder is gotten by thoroughly grinding it.  This plant became more relevant across the globe following the discovery of its numerous health benefits when consumed.  However, there's a basic ingredient of turmeric responsible for its activeness and healthy beneficial offerings known as curcumin. It is the plant's primal ingredient that plays a bulk of the roles turmeric prides itself with.

But there's one problem. Curcumin has a high metabolic rate, which is as a challenge in terms of absorption by the body. In other words, curcumin is not easily absorbed by the liver in our body.  This, therefore, means that turmeric alone in our body has limited functions until curcumin is made to be in unanimous cooperation with our body system.

How Does BioPerine® Come into The Mix?

Black Pepper contains a bioactive compound called piperine or BioPerine. Piperine has been proven to aid digestion, relieve nausea and headaches. It also has anti-inflammatory properties among other things.

Bioperine, due to its bioactive nature, acts as a metabolic inhibitor. It clamps down on the high metabolism rate of curcumin in your bloodstream. This way, turmeric is made more available in your body because its chief ingredient has reduced immensely in metabolism.

More turmeric equates to more health benefits. Thus, Bioperine is known for its bioavailability.

When Bioperine acts this way in your body, the metabolic rate of curcumin is weakened and your body can easily absorb curcumin with fewer hassles.

Researches have shown that the addition of Bioperine to turmeric can increase curcumin absorption in the body by a whopping 2, 000%.

So beyond clouds of doubts, black pepper, which houses the bioactive piperine known for its bioavailability and hence the name Bioperine is a great supplement to the conventional turmeric.  This is through its power to make the curcumin present in turmeric readily available to be absorbed by your body for optimal performance. 

Bioperine carries out this significant function of making curcumin readily available for absorption in two ways

Firstly, it causes the intestinal walls to grow flexible and allow the passage of large molecules like curcumin into your bloodstream.

Secondly, it weakens the liver metabolism of curcumin immensely so that your body can absorb more of curcumin easily.

These two ways, which explains the role of Bioperine in the body, enable you to reap the many fringe benefits of consuming turmeric supplemented with black pepper.

Not many are aware of this incredible benefit of turmeric supplement beyond its spicy flavours. The black pepper also has its own share of ignorance. Very few people are aware of its vital role when added as a supplement to turmeric.

While our article unravels this spicy tonic, it is our belief that with the knowledge shared here, many will welcome the idea of the powerful combination of turmeric and Bioperine.

Also, out turmeric supplement is made up of 150mg of Bioperine, amongst other fine ingredients that have numerous natural benefits for the human body.

So, don’t just opt for any Turmeric supplement you find in the supplement store, choose our Turmeric supplement.  It’ll help your body absorb all of the essential vitamins and nutrients from the intestine.

Not absorption only, but it helps enhance the benefits a turmeric supplement has to offer. Benefits which include; the boosting of the immune system, treatment of chronic inflammation, healing of your gut and many others.