About Us


helping you become what you truly are

We are an emerging company with food supplements and exercise apparel at the core of our brand. We believe that prime vitamins and minerals give you the premium health and shape you deserve. That’s not all about who we are.  We are out to give the best stylish appearance with the purest of fabrics that hug your skin in warmth and comfort while you exercise. The quality of our clothing and stitching is top-notch. It allows you to exercise and stretch yourself to your limits without the fear of it tearing apart.  

Why we do this

Everyone was made to be unique. This is why if you look around you, you will find humans of diverse shapes, sizes, and height. Each of them is reflecting a unique charm and aura emblematic of their distinct nature. How would you like to be the best version of yourself? How will you feel when you optimize the distinct nature of who you are?  We would like to help get you there. 


Our Mission

With over 34% of Americans being obese, it is a clear indication that people aren’t eating right and barely have time for work-outs or exercises. That figure is likely to increase in the coming years if nothing is done to curb it. When trends like this go uninhibited, we end up with an extensively obese society and lowered life expectancy rate. But at UbeU Health & Fitness, we are having none of that as we have charted a course that will help you unlock your potential and reach your body goals by eating and exercising right equally. We are geared towards curbing the statistics of obesity in our space through our supplements and exercising plans. We want you to experience the benefit of whole food nutrition sourced from nature regardless of your budget..


Our Offerings

In line with our name which is an acronym for “You Be Yourself, “we offer products and services that are intended to making you be the best version of yourself. Our premium supplements are produced in the United States according to FDA approved standards as well as CGMP. These supplements have been vetted for potency and purity. They are tailored to work optimally and non-toxically in your body which leads to the end-product of being healthy and not obese. We also offer exercise apparels best suited for work-outs so you can even visualize how the dots in our offerings are connected to our mission. We also have exercise videos that span from 2 – 20 mins in length. As we grow our video library, these videos will help you exercise rightly and also give you helpful tips on eating right.


Our Differentiator

As a company that believes in uniqueness, we can’t fall short of our own peculiarity which is why we totally float on nature’s best offerings reflected in our supplements. There are no genetically modified plants involved in the production of our nutritional supplements. No artificial colours, stabilizers or preservatives. Just nature only. Our fabrics are of premium quality and our clothing line offers the best affordable price for such classy quality relative to competitors around the globe. Natural fibres, Natures soothing comfort and Natural beauty are the dictions that define our unique stance. We are also different from the entire lot in that we plan on donating 10% of our net profit to charity in support of the fight against hunger and starvation to death.

Imagine having the finest health status void of obesity, full of fitness, energy, and elegance. Imagine getting the fringe benefits out of nature’s blessed offerings supplementing the nutrients in your body and keeping you in shape. You are assured of the best version of your physical self at UbeU.